Which Bathtub is Best for Baby

which bathtub is best for baby

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Gone are the days when parents have a difficult time bathing their babies. You can now choose from several baby tubs to assist you and make things more convenient without needing extra help!

Babies are fragile, so handling baby baths will test your hand strategies. But you won’t need any of these when there are baby tubs to assist you. If you want to know the best tub out there, head on and read the following sections.

Types of Baby Bathtubs

Being a first-time parent can be scary and confusing; it’s like stepping into the unknown and figuring out things along the way, especially when there’s no help. You might even have searched for how-to and what-to-buy guides and come across baby bathtubs.

As the name suggests, these are tubs explicitly meant for newborns, infants, and babies; holding slippery and restless babies can be challenging while bathing them simultaneously.

You can choose among the two common types: sink-in and basin tubs. I will first go over these before we review the best bathtubs you can choose for your baby.

Sink-in Tubs

Sink-in baby tubs are mostly made of foam, cloth, or mesh that you can fit into your sink. These act like cushions and small seats for babies. They are ideal for small spaces since they are foldable and can be stored easily.

It’s easy to use, and you don’t need to bend over, unlike regular tubs. Babies usually outgrow these after 4 to 6 months, and then you can change into standard tubs.

Basin Tubs

The second type would be the basin tub which is usually made of plastic and mesh, making it easier to clean. Plus, unlike the sink-in tubs, you don’t need to wait for them to dry before the subsequent use.

You can place them above countertops or on a regular tub, whichever is more convenient. Most of the basin tubs have backrests that keep babies upright. Additionally, they are larger than sink-ins, so there is room to grow for your baby until their first year.

There are many kinds of baby tubs with different features, styles, and sizes. Some tubs may also be better than the rest regarding specific functionalities. In the next section, I have gathered the best tubs based on reviews and descriptions to help you decide.

Best Baby Tubs

folding baby bathtub
folding baby bathtub

Upon searching what’s the best baby tubs in the market, I have come across some that stand out from the rest. Choosing what’s best for you may depend on what you’re looking for in terms of affordability, versatility, storage space, and functionality.

In Terms of Affordability

This baby bathtub has features for all baby stages. Your baby’s transition from newborn to infant to a toddler won’t be a problem as it comes with a removable fabric string, padded backrest, and space enough for when your baby grows until they are one year old.

You can use it on either sinks or bathtubs. There is also a tiny built-in compartment where you can conveniently place the baby’s bath essentials.



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