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Try picturing a bathtub without a faucet this instant.

It may not seem much, but it looks hideous, right?

Having the right bathtub faucet makes the difference between owning a luxurious tub and an extra bowl for the house. But what is the standard for bathtub faucets? Continue reading as I guide you on that below!

What Is The Standard For Bathtub Faucets?

As a standard, your bath faucet must have a handle, spout, and thermostatic control. Other factors may include a hand shower and shower enclosure.

Getting a plastic or steel faucet depends on your budget and standards. The more you look into designs, the more you’ll find the right one for your bathtub.Make sure to also consider your other preferences. If you plan on having a shower tub, get the additional fixtures you’ll need. These may include either a freestanding shower or a hand fixture for the faucet.

Bathtub Faucet Necessities

The right bathtub faucet can either make a huge difference in your bathing experience or ruin it overall. It should provide the right ergonomics and aesthetic feel to boost your efficiency and relaxation.

Let’s take a look at the different faucet parts and how they’ll complete your tub’s look and purpose.

Faucet handle

The faucet handle is essential since they activate the key function of this fixture — to open and close the water flow. You have different designs to choose from, and most of them come with the entire faucet assembly.

Your faucet handle’s design matters since it should make your life simpler in the bathroom. Here are some of the common ones you’ll encounter:

  • Lever handle: This handle features an elongated look that’s easier to grab during bathtimes. Levers are preferred by most people since they are simpler to operate and maintain. They are also ideal markers when finding the right temperature for the water flow.
  • Knob handle: This handle is more common on sink faucets because of its unique approach to temperature control. You’ll have independent knobs lined on the hot and cold water flow. Some people think it’s easier to adjust water temperature this way.
  • Cross handle: This faucet handle is a bit more unique compared to its counterparts. As the name suggests, the faucet looks like a cross or an “X”. Its plumbing is similar to the knob handle.

Faucet spout

Another fixture that comes with the faucet assembly is its spout. If the handle opens the water flow, the spout caters to that by directing the flow into the tub.

There are two common designs for bathtub faucet spouts: the Diverter and Non-Diverter.

You can mostly find Diverter spouts in bathrooms with shower assemblies. It has a small rod attachment so you can easily divert water between the shower and the spout.

On the other hand, Non-Diverter spouts are much simpler to operate. They are connected to a single water line with the faucet handle.

Choosing the right spout depends on your plans for your bathroom tub. Some people prefer Diverter spouts because of their efficiency. You can easily use the shower or the tub with a simple push/pull function from the rod attachment.

However, other people like the Non-Diverter spout because of its sleeker design. If you prefer it this way, you can have the shower and tub handles lined separately from your water source.

Temperature control

Studies show that immersion bathing in the right temperature promotes relaxation and a healthier skin condition. This is where temperature control comes in.

Not every household shares the same temperature year-round. With this in mind, controlling your bath water’s temperature is very crucial.

Most faucets have separate handles for hot and cold water. Others have a more complex design, mixing both temperatures depending on the faucet’s angle or position.

Additional accessories

Essentially, you only need the three factors above to complete your standard bathtub faucet. These accessories are additional fixtures you may need depending on your personal preferences.

  • Hand shower: A hand shower is a common fixture found in most shower tubs. Instead of getting an overhead or freestanding shower, most people prefer this because of its simple approach. You simply use the accessory to shower whenever you need a change of pace during your baths.
  • Customized shower enclosure: This accessory is perfect if you have a freestanding tub. It provides more privacy and helps keep water from spilling when you’re taking a shower.

Different Bathtub Faucet Types

Knowing the standards alone will never be enough. Of course, you’ll also have to think of your personal style.Come and check out the different faucet types below:



You can find freestanding faucets positioned just outside the tub. This one is always perfectly paired with freestanding bathtubs to complete the look.

Wall mounted

wall mounted

Wall-mounted bathtub faucets work best for fixed bathtubs. You will often find them installed just above the tub’s side to efficiently provide water flow.

Deck mounted

deck mounted

Deck-mounted faucets are usually pre-installed with the tub itself. They are easier to operate since you can find them within arm’s reach.

Tub wall mounted

tub wall mounted

Tub-wall mounted faucets are less common and are usually preferred for creativity. You can find them firmly installed on the bathtub’s wall.

The only downside to this type is its positioning. Some people may feel cramped when they hit the fixtures every time they take a bath.

Roman style

roman style

Roman tub faucets are perfect for vintage bathtubs. It has a traditional look that comes with an arched spout.

In Summary

So, what is the standard for bathtub faucets?

You just have to make sure that it has a handle, a spout, and temperature control. Getting all the extra accessories depends entirely on you. If it has these three main things, you’re dealing with the right manufacturer.

It’s not easy finding the right bathtub faucet for your bathroom. You’ll have to think of aesthetics, pricing, and most of all, efficiency. No one wants a source of headaches in the long run.

Make sure to check all the faucet designs and types before getting your preferred choice. This may be a small feature, but it can also make or break your bathing experience.



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