Are Bathtub Liners Worth It?

are bathtub liners any good

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Bathtub liners are an option you may or may not have heard of when remodeling tubs. You can find them usually compared to bathtub refinishing and replacements, but are they worth it? To learn more, I’ll go over several aspects of liners.

Bathtub liners effectively conceal your current tub’s surface if installed appropriately without faults and mishaps. They are also ideal if you want something less messy and easy to install because all that is required is it to be affixed. If you prefer this method, purchasing one is worthwhile.

The only way to tell if liners are worth it is to get to know them well, compare their benefits and drawbacks, understand their cost, and evaluate other factors. This way, you’ll know if bathtub liners are suitable for you.

What Makes Bathtub Liners Worth It?

bathtub liners dleesa
bathtub liners dleesa

First and foremost, a bathtub liner replicates your existing bathtub. Your contractors measure your tub to create a mold with the exact dimensions and shape. After months of work, the liner is fitted over the existing tub and bonded.

Bathtub liners are constructed of either acrylic or PVC plastic. The material allows easy molding because it is flexible and easy to form once heated to a specific temperature. On the other hand, acrylic liners are more durable than PVC liners.

It is worth noting that liners do not solve the problem with your current tub. Thus cracks, chips, scratches, and discoloration will not disappear. Bathtub liners cover the tub beneath it and are a temporary solution.

Nonetheless, there are specific reasons why you might want to consider bathtub liners. I’ve compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages to make things easier.


1. Bathtub liners eliminate the need for time-consuming installation and preparation. Removing any surround, renovating floor support, and restoring plumbing and other fixtures are all part of the tub installation process. Some people may find this method tedious.

2. In connection with the previous point, there will be no construction at your home because tub molding usually happens in a workshop. The contractors’ only job will be to take measurements and install.

3. Liners can help your bathtub last longer. It protects the tub’s surface from additional scratches, cracks, and chips.

4. Liners are available in a variety of colors. It is preferable for individuals who want to match the color of their tub to the style of their bathroom. Color would also provide vibrancy to your bathroom.

5. Acrylic liners, in particular, are simple to clean. Acrylic is a low-maintenance material that you can clean with natural products found in your home. You can use mild dish soap, baking soda, or vinegar.

6. They are easy to install and usually require only one day. After the factory has finished making your tub, your contractor will schedule the installation of the liner. Setting an adhesive between the existing tub and liner, then let it dry for a day to let the adhesive cure. It is a much simpler operation than installing new bathtubs.


1. You wouldn’t have the same glossy finish if you covered a porcelain bathtub with plastic. The feel of the surface would also be noticeable, and it would appear unusual to you, especially if you are used to and enjoy porcelain.

2. When you bathe with a liner, you may observe that the space inside your tub has shrunk. Most people who notice this are the large persons who fit well in their tub.

3. Liners are a band-aid solution that does not address the underlying issue. Bathtub liners only last around 3 to 5 years before cracking and severe scratches appear though they can last as much as ten years if properly maintained.

4. You must be confident that a bathtub liner is what you want. As I previously stated, liners stick to the tub. Therefore removing them may cause harm to your bathtub. You must be sure of your decision once you have installed your liner because you will live with it for years.

5. Getting a liner is a risk. The liner should fit properly atop the tub, and some fittings may be off-center, resulting in gaps, cracks, and instability. Molds would then grow between the liner and the tub, which is unsanitary and generates a foul odor.

6. Attempting a do-it-yourself installation would result in the previously discussed sizing issues. Precision is essential for proper bathtub liner installation, which specialists typically do.

7. Liners cost more than new acrylic tubs. Bathtub liners can range in price from $850 to $1,400 alone and from $1,700 to $2,500 when you include installations. An acrylic tub can cost between $700 to $1,000. And an additional $500 to $700 for installations. When we compare these prices, we can see that a liner is a few hundred dollars more expensive.

Are They Worth Your Money and Effort?

It is up to you to determine if the benefits and downsides play a substantial role in your decision. If you want it to endure ten years or more, a new tub is preferable, but you must consider the higher costs.

Liners are convenient because they are simpler to install than other renovation options. They can also quickly cover existing tub damage, though you may have to wait a few months for it to arrive, especially if it is custom-made.

Bathtub liners are worth the expense if adequately installed; this is of the determining factors. Before starting with the installation of a liner, ensure that you have addressed all possible considerations.

How to Maintain Your Bathtub Liner

Maintaining a bathtub liner is similar to taking care of an acrylic tub. You will need mild abrasive cleaners that will not corrode the surface of your liner. You should also avoid using bleach, steel wool, scorching pads, and highly acidic products that can discolor the liner’s surface.

If you are trying out a new solution, test it first on a small hidden area of the surface. Always keep your bathtub clean, and avoid sharp objects that can create cracks and small openings. It will make your tub prone to molds, as said earlier.


A bathtub liner is an excellent solution for people who want to keep their old tubs but also want a better and more aesthetically pleasing surface for their current tub. If you are still unsure about buying a bathtub liner, you may request a consultation with contractors who will gladly assist you.



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