What Are the Advantages of Acrylic Bathtub

what are the advantages of acrylic bathtub

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You may have already stressed out over finding a tub and have come across many options. This includes the acrylic tub, which may be one of the first you have seen. To know if this tub is worth your time and budget, I‘ll show you the advantages of owning one. 

An acrylic tub is lightweight, affordable, retains heat well, and comes in plenty of colors, shapes, and sizes. Also, it is easy to clean and repair as you can use home products that are natural and safe. That said, it is chosen by many due to its all-around features.

There’s no doubt why an acrylic bath is a top choice. If you want to know more, we’ll discuss these advantages in the following sections.

What Makes Acrylic Bathtubs Good?

acrylic freestanding

Acrylic tubs are not a specific tub design; they are a material used by many kinds of bathtub styles. To give you a summary of what acrylic tubs are, they are durable plastic sheets that are heated to several degrees and molded into shapes.

That’s a straightforward way to describe an acrylic tub. Now let’s get into the details!


Plastic materials are generally lighter. Acrylic tubs weigh 100 pounds on average without water. At the same time, it can reach a thousand pounds or more after adding water.

Tub styles and sizes contribute to the tub’s weight, and for acrylic materials, weight can vary from 75 to hundreds of pounds.

There’s no problem carrying it to the upper floor bathrooms or making additional installations needed for heavier tubs.


The main attracting feature of an acrylic tub is its affordability. The price range can be from $250 to $1,700. You can find many standard-sized tubs below $1,000 in the market. Higher-end tubs are also available but are more expensive.

Although it is a bit pricier than fiberglass tubs, the extra cost is worth it as it has better features that make it last longer.


An acrylic bath is one of the most durable kinds of the tub you can get at an affordable price. Acrylic alone is a long-lasting material, although most bathtubs are reinforced with fiberglass for support, adding to their durability. 

Retains Heat

Although they only have a decent wall thickness, they can still retain heat for an adequate amount of time. Acrylic is a synthetic material and can have this kind of property. Even with its price, it still gives you that warm bath after a long day.

Easy to Clean

Purchasing expensive cleaning products is not necessary. Maintaining your tub is a piece of cake using products found in your home, such as vinegar, baking soda, and liquid dish detergent.

Easy to Repair

Scratches and cracks can be inevitable if your tub is not taken care of or if your contractor has left your tub with scratches. But there is an easy fix that you can do on your own using home materials such as toothpaste, sandpaper, dishwashing liquid, and a sponge.

As for cracks, there are many acrylic bath repair kits available, which are also easy to use.

You can watch how repair kits are used in this video:

Widely Available

Finding the right tub that fits your needs won’t be a problem. You can find a lot of styles that use acrylic. Aside from your local depot, you can expand your choices and look for online catalogs and other international brands that can ship to your area.

Many people prefer acrylic tubs because of the reasons mentioned above. Bathtubs made from acrylic are well-rounded. Its versatility allows you to customize it into different shapes and sizes and add features such as jets.

How Many Styles Are Available for Acrylic Bathtubs?

acrtlic tub

Almost every bathtub has an acrylic version available that you can choose. Even older tub styles have adapted to this modern material, making it better. This section will show you some of the most common acrylic styles.


It is a space-saving design that is within three walls. It is commonly seen not just in homes but also in hotels. You can get creative with an alcove design, substitute one side as a window, or add wall handrails for support.

alcove bathtubs (4)

The drawback is that you can’t put it in the middle of the bathroom as you need a recessed area to place the bathtub.


A drop-in style may look similar to an alcove but differs in installation. The tub directly drops in a base made particularly for it. Both the tub and support are designed to fit each other.

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Unlike alcove tubs, it only requires sticking into one or two walls. Therefore, it gives you more flexibility about where and how to place your bathtub. 


One of the most eye-candy designs is the freestanding tub. It is different from the recent tub styles and is not required to be fixed to a wall, giving you a choice for it to be positioned anywhere in the bathroom.

They are made to be heavy and can support the water and bather inside and keep it from moving. What’s important when installing this is keeping in mind the floor base that holds up all the weight.

Acrylic Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding tubs typically employ heavier acrylic, so expect that it could be pricier than the other tubs.


Walk-in tubs are unique because of their door design; instead of going over the tub, you treat it like a small room where water is filled for you to bathe. Acrylic material is usually used for this since it is easier to manufacture the different parts and gives more versatility.

A problem you may want to consider is the large amount of water needed to fill the tub and the waiting time for it to load and drain.

walk in bathtub

More bathtub styles can be seen in the market today. Some can even house two people together or have more depth where you can fit your entire body.

You may choose smaller or larger sizes of these tubs or go to your nearest bathtub designers who can customize the shape and size you want. Note that this could be more expensive since it fits your preferences.

Acrylic vs. Fiberglass

Acrylic is usually compared to fiberglass because of its similarities, although there are still slight differences.

Both tubs are lightweight and cheap, but acrylic weighs slightly more in these aspects. Fiberglass weighs an average of 70 pounds and costs around $200 to $800, a few hundred less than acrylic tubs.

Regarding durability, fiberglass is more prone to cracking, chipping, and scratching. You may need frequent maintenance that will be bothersome in the long run. It also decreases the overall quality of the tub quicker than using acrylic.

One crucial feature you should know about fiberglass bathtubs is their porous surface. Contrary to acrylic, it absorbs water, forming mildew, bacteria, and grimes. And after some time, the material’s brittleness deform or warps the tub.

If you weigh each material’s pros and cons, you will see that acrylic is better than fiberglass. It is cost-effective and would give you better satisfaction despite the additional price.

The Verdict

Acrylic tubs have many advantages making them appealing to many people. Whether it will be for new tub owners or those who want a replacement, acrylic never goes out of style.

Maintenance is not a problem and can be solved immediately by everyday materials and do-it-yourself methods. Overall, an acrylic tub is an excellent choice that caters to different needs and preferences.



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